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No more prompting,
only doing

Impel continuously learns your workflow in the background, and instantly snaps into action the moment it notices that it can help

Summarize videos, articles,
and more in seconds
10x your learning with quick summaries
Authentication made easy
No need to find your phone, or open your email,
we’ll get the codes for you
Live stress-free with smart tasks
Impel automatically collects and manages a tasklist as you use your Mac
Everyone gets a private tutor
Ask a thousand questions about any piece of content (whether it's a blog, dense PDF or video)

Presenting our
C1 Model

A foundational model that utilizes a rich context engine to understand your screen and learn repetitive tasks in real time

Designed with privacy in mind

On-device processing
All your data is stored, extracted, and processed locally.
Turn off auto-capture
Summon Impel only through a keyboard shortcut. It’ll scan your screen in real-time and figure out how to be of help.
Private stuff stays private
Impel is unable to scan for private windows, excluded apps, and sensitive information by default.

An always-on AI companion for your Mac that

understands the context of your screen, doesn’t need

any prompting and surfaces suggestions, information,

and actions automatically

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