No more prompting, only doing

An always-on AI companion for your Mac that understands the context of your screen, doesn’t need any prompting and surfaces suggestions, information, and actions automatically.

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A new AI assistant that finally just works

Let’s face it — the current crop of AI assistants suck. You need to disrupt your flow, write a specific prompt, and then wait for an answer that may or may not be useful. Oftentimes, it’s easier to just do the task yourself.

Not to mention, these AI assistants are barely “assistive” at all — it’s more like micromanaging an employee that needs to be told exactly what you need at all times, and in return you get a standardised answer in a fixed format. Bleh.

In contrast, impel is simpler — just get it and forget it. It’ll continuously learn your workflow in the background, and instantly snap into action the moment it notices that it can help. It performs tasks, generates content, fetches codes, takes notes, sends reminders, books flights, summarises blogs, and more! The best part? You never have to ask it for anything.

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Always thinks one step ahead

Remembers everything. Finds everything. Does everything!

Integrates with your favourite apps
10x your learning
whether you’re watching a video or reading a blog, impel can summarise, explain, query and visualise any piece of information or document.
Smart tasks
impel naturally collects and manages a list of to-dos and tasks as you use your Mac, and prioritises them to notify you just in time. Be it a linear ticket that’s due, a subscription you may want to cancel, or a reminder that you should leave for the airport – fret not, for impel has you covered.
Record & transcribe meetings
impel records, transcribes, and summarises online meetings for you, and documents them in a shareable format.
Your personal travel concierge
struck by wanderlust or researching a new destination? impel understands your travel cravings and fetches flights, hotels, itinerary and other information in the background. It learns and sorts everything according to your preferences, depending on whether you’re a deal hunter or want luxury at any cost.
Gain Superhuman memory
impel stores everything on your screen on device, barring private windows and sensitive information, and makes it all searchable. Remember seeing a memorable tweet? Or a certain recipe? Just search for it and travel back in time.
Generate with context
while we’d like you to be completely hands-off, there are some cases where a prompt can offer unmatched precision, namely when generating content. impel comes with state of the art text and image generators in-built, and tunes the format, size, colours, tone, word count etc. according to the context of your screen.

Designed with privacy in mind

No ads. No snooping. No bullshit.

On Device Processing
All your data is stored, extracted, and processed locally — making it instantly queryable. However, in some cases, when something needs to be fetched in real-time, essential, non-sensitive information may be sent off-device.
Turn Off Auto-Capture
If you do not want impel to be always on, you can summon it using a keyboard shortcut, after which it’ll scan your screen in realtime and figure out how to be of help.
Private Stuff Stays Private
impel is unable to scan for private windows, excluded apps, and sensitive information by default. It also relies on low level APIs to never capture confidential information.

Presenting C1 — a foundational model that utilizes a rich context engine to understand your screen and learn repetitive tasks in real time

we're getting started on training a visual transformer model that will be able to break down your screen into multiple components in real-time to help us automate your work
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